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Are you too busy re-inventing the wheel that you do not have time for Education?

This site is collection of free information related to the work that we do; that is, water resources. As long as I remember, I have had a passion for learning and education. I freely share as other people have generously shared their knowledge with me. And that is primarily what this site is about; sharing what I have been taught by several great mentors.

While the information on this site is free to use and distribute (along with acknowledging authorship), we also offer training as an added service.

Our specialty is Golf Course Irrigation Systems - 300+ Golf Courses, 30+ Countries, 30+ Years, 30+ Golf Course Architects, USD$ 300,000,000+ of projects.
For more information on our International (Golf & Resort orientated) work, see www.hydrogold.com.

Nowadays our work is more domestically orientated (Western Australia). The golf market here is small and consequently we are focussed here on Rural, Agriculture, Mining, Commercial & Sports Turf and some Golf.
For more information see www.hydrogold.com.au

Legal Stuff


In non-binding, non-legal terms: All the information on the www.hydrogold.org web site is available for free distribution (both commercial and non commercial) provided that the documents are distributed in full, not modified and complete with attribution (authorship).
For the full binding (legal) version, please refer to: copyright.pdf


The information provided is of a general nature for education purposes. For advice relating to a particular situation, please contact us. We do not accept liability for the application (or mis-application as the case may be) of the information we provide.


The intent of the articles I write for this web site is to educate people. It is (I trust) a tribute to the many people who have contributed to my education; people who have freely given their time and shared their knowledge without the expectation of personal reward. My encouragement to you is to look for opportunities to share your knowledge and help others along their way.

At the risk of offending someone by omission or inclusion, I would like to acknowledge and thank some of my more significant teachers: My Mum, the woman who gave me life, love and my basic values. Skip Goodchild (Scout Master) for moulding those values during my early teenage years. Peter Ewing (Orbital Engine Company) for management and life skills. Steve Peck (Hydroscapes Australia) for giving me my basic irrigation education and then being there for advice ever since. Ed Johnson (Rain Bird) who provided me information, training and help in my formative irrigation years in Singapore. Rick Reinders (Watertronics) who taught me the fundamentals of pumps and T.F. Mok (Flowtronex) for adding to that. Kenne James (Toro) for many in-depth technical dissertations and discussions. David Hanby (Irrigolf) for sharing his field experience and viewpoints. Tom Lubin for fertigation and chemistry (plus life and basketball). And many others I have not listed but (hopefully) not forgotten.

And finally my family; my wife Erida who gives me love, support and our four beautiful children; Michael, Michelle, Frederik, and Felicity.

John Pryor 2008-07-28

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Web Sites:
www.hydrogold.org (This site)
www.hydrogold.com.au (Australian Rural, Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Orientated Work)
www.hydrogold.com (International, Golf & Resort Orientated Work)

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